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Join the movement for safe communities with Parents on a Mission.

Mission Statement: To turn the hearts of parents to their children, and the hearts of children to their parents, as the best practice for preventing children from joining gangs and other negative lifestyles.

Parents on a Mission (POM) – is a six-week curriculum to develop parent leadership in our neighborhoods, which we contend is the key to raising happy, healthy children that contribute to safe communities.POM-285

Content Overview & Take Away Benefits:

Session 1 – POM Orientation

The orientation serves to introduce participants to the core values and concepts of Parents on a Mission:

  • POM emphasizes how parents are the number one assets in the community.
  • Parents are empowered to know programs cannot replace them.
  • Parents are inspired to embrace their responsibility for raising productive children that ultimately make positive contributions to their community.
  • POM speaks to single parents, step-parents and grandparents and their ability to navigate successful family dynamics and relationships.

Session 2 – Parental Personal Growth

The purpose of this session is to help parents understand the importance of their own emotional growth and maturity as leaders in their home.

  • Parents are guided through an inside-out approach to personal growth and how it relates to their ability to nurture the growth and maturity of their children.
  • The lesson is based on the three principles of:

1) Examining our thought life and the affect our thoughts have on our self-esteem
2) The power of choice and our capacity to choose our thoughts and responses to past or present circumstances.
3) The power of forgiveness in restoring personal peace and reconciliation of broken relationships.

Session 3 – Earning Respect for Parental Authority

Parental authority is by far the most overlooked principle to raising happy, healthy children that overcome peer pressures and make positive contributions to the community:

  • Parents learn how to earn respect for their authority.
  • POM explains why the battle of child obedience must be established early and often and provides principles for accomplishing this.
  • Parents will learn skills that will prepare children for dealing with peer pressure in the neighborhood and school campus.

Session 4 – The Proper Use of Discipline

Parental authority and the use of discipline are controversial topics.  Many parents are confused and afraid to exercise discipline as the authority figure in the lives of their children.

  • This session will define the true meaning of discipline and give guiding principles on how to properly exercise parental authority.

Session 5 – Community Building

Citizenship and the instruction of the individual’s role in the family and community is the purpose of session five.  Parents gain insights on:

  • The family unit as a microcosm of society.
  • How the daily interactions in the home shape a child’s citizenship in public.
  • How to give children a sense of purpose and inspire them to use their talents as contributing members of their community.
  • Suggested activities are given to assist parents in how to build community in their home.

Session 6 – Trust & Loyalty

One of the key elements of becoming a productive citizen of the community is the willingness to pledge loyalty to ones parents and/or family above everything else. This session examines:

  • How parents must understand they are in a daily competition for the loyalty of their children.
  • Awareness of the “Four M’s” of competition; Movies, Music, Magazines and Media

POM provides guidance on how to overcome and win the battle for the loyalty of their children as a best practice to prevent children from joining negative lifestyles.

$ 39.99
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